WS1 - 26/03/2024 - Regulatory Pathways & Medical Device Regulatory  @BioPark

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  • Medical Device Regulatory Framework
  • EU legislation & history
  • MDR objectives & economic operators
  • Intended purpose & classification
  • Harmonized standards & guidances
  • Label & instructions for use
  • Intro on clinical evidence & post-market activities
  • Intro on technical documentation 

WS2 - 23/04/2024 - Quality Management System @BioPark

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  • QMS (MDR – ISO13485)
  • Management responsability
  • Resources management
  • Product realization
  • Measurement, analysis and improvement
  • Certification
  • Tactical implementation

WS3 - 14/05/2024 -  Design & Development ISO13485  & Quality Risk Management ISO 14971 @BioPark

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  • Medical Device lifecycle
  • D&D Outline stages of the design and development process 
  • QRM : Links between ISO 13485 and ISO 14971
  • QRM: Outline stages of the risk management process 
  • Tactical implementation. 

WS4  - 28/05/2024 - GSPR / Product requirements & sub contractor selection  @BioPark

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  • Product requirements – from idea to product
  • GSPR checklist – purpose & examples
  • Concept of harmonized standards. 
  • How to leverage standards to show complaince with GSPR
  • GSPR requiring specific attention
  • Sub contractor selection – obtain what you want
  • Dealing with suppliers and subcontractors.

WS5 - 11/06/2024 - Clinical Evidence & Clinical Evaluation @LegiaPark

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  • Clinical evaluation process
  • Changes brought by MDR
  • Clinical evidence – what does it include, from marketing survey to RCT ?
  • Clinical investigation & ISO14155
  • Clinical investigations tactics
  • Guidances & GSPR
  • Application to my product

[We advise to follow Workshop 6 also, because both are take in account together by the notified body] 

WS6 - 25/06/2024 - Post-Market Surveillance & materiovigilance @LegiaPark

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  • Requirements for PMS, PMCF, PSUR, SSCP
  • Defining a PMS/PMCF plan
  • Balancing between pre and post-market clinical studies.

[We advise to follow Workshop 5 also, because both are take in account together by the notified body] 

WS7 - 02/07/2024 - GDPR & Cybersecurity  @BSLI 

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Training session content #1: Data Privacy 

  • Introduction of Data Privacy principles and Personal Data
  • Legal aspects to take into account when collecting healthcare-related data
  • Review of the principles, rights and procedures
  • How to manage patient request?
  • Role of the Data Protection Officer
  • Comparison between GDPR and main other international laws (HIPAA, PIPEDA etc.)
  • Rules of international Data Transfers
  • Impacts of Data Privacy for the collect and processing of personal data
  • Key steps to follow for a successful data privacy implementation program
  • Risks and penalties under non-compliance

Training session content #2: Data Security 

  • Usual security challenges faced by healthcare organizations
  • Overview of Good security practices 
  • How to limit data hacking, protect IT systems and make it “user friendly”
  • Data safety and confidentiality: how to minimize the risk of intrusion and  identification?
  • How to manage a Data Breach under current data protection law?

WS8 - 10/09/2024 - Software as a MD & embedded software  @LegiaPark 

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  • Classification rules (MDR, IEC62304, FDA)
  • Special attention points for risk analysis
  • Harmonized standards & guidances
  • IEC62304
  • Design & Development
  • Release and deployment
  • Post Market requirements
  • Control and change control

WS9 - 24/09/2024 - Notified Bodies / AFMPS @LegiaPark

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  • The map of stakeholders. Competent authorities vs Notified Bodies vs Certification Bodies. Respective roles and involvement in Conformity Assessment
  • Comparaison with US stakeholders map
  • Current Notified Body landscape: the demand vs offer problem
  • Tactics when dealing with Notified Bodies
  • European Notified body representatives invited during the WS 

WS10 - 24/09/2024 - Certification in other countries (US, Asia, Japan) @LegiaPark

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  • US: deeper dive
  • Australia, Canada
  • UK (Brexit): the specific impacts
  • Swiss (Swixit): the specific impacts
  • China: overview
  • MDSAP: principles. Interesting or not? When? 

WS11 - 15/11/2024 -  Ecosystem MedTech in near countries

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Program in progress... 

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